Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Buttercups and Daisies.

I hadn't planned on doing any sewing today...perhaps I should have left it that way, but I needed some distraction. Even though I am not happy with this outfit, I will need to alter it, but not quite sure how and in what way yet, I just know the skirt isn't right. I will post pictures though as this is my record of what works, what doesn't and how and whether I change things.

Melody is, I believe, a 1970/71 Trendon Sasha. She has white elastic in her arms and tan in her legs with the hook and bar neck assembly. However, if anyone knows differently feel free to let me know as I am very much a beginner at this!
This is the second time I have used some material from my gingham fat quarters, and neither time have I been especially impressed with the way it hangs. The skirt is too long as well, perhaps shortening it, may make it look a little better.

Daisies and buttercups abound in our lawn I'm afraid to say, although the girls love them.

How sweet, she is offering me one.

'Do you like butter?'

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