Saturday, 18 June 2011

Soaking Saturday.

It is pouring it down here this afternoon. Fortunately I finished sewing in my studio and got back up to the house before the torrential rain started. We still need to go out and get the vegetables for the guinea pigs, but hoping the rain will ease slightly.

I tried making something a little different today.

Not sure how much I like the neckline, possibly a bit too low for Molly.

Quite a nice style though.

Now that looks a little bit better, she is now wearing her favourite cat necklace.

Molly is a 70/71 Trendon Sasha with oxidised eyes and brows.

A new member to our Sasha family joined us today.

Very handsome young man - a 1972 Trendon Gregor.

Gorgeous eyes.

Molly is introducing herself.

Welcoming him to his new home.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous, everyone needs a little something to dress up in now and again.
    I see the new boy is looking happy with his new friend. Enjoy


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