Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Sasha is my 1974 Blonde Trendon Sasha and she is seen here admiring the flowers.

Modelling today's make 'Sonata'.

She is the first Sasha I bought and I think she is my favourite, she even went to New Zealand with me.

But shhh, you mustn't tell the others, they might bet jealous.

I also took the scissors to "Buttercups & Daisies" the dress I made yesterday.

Melody is also enjoying the flowers on our front porch.

Possibly better this length.

Although I can't see myself using this gingham fabric for dressmaking again.


  1. Please, Sonata, tell me if Sasha has a hook.
    She lookes just like my new waify.

    And I think the first length of the yellow gingham is ok if the skirt is wider (more fabric - hope you understand)

  2. It really takes me back to my childhood seeing the Sasha dolls - I remember being desperate to have one, but they were so expensive that I never did get one. Not that I remember the price - I just remember that they sat on the high shelf behind the toy shop counter, and seemed way out of reach!

    Pomona x


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