Monday, 27 June 2011

Sasha Fun Day

On Saturday we had a Sasha Group Fun Day in the most beautiful farm house in the country near Northamptonshire. The day was slightly overcast and drizzling to start with but the weather improved although we didn't have the sun we have had today and on Sunday. Nevertheless it was a fantastic day, good company, lovely food, fun and laughs, never mind some photographic opportunities of not only beautiful Sasha and Gregor dolls, but also of the gorgeous garden, lovely swans and their cygnets and even some ponies which I enjoyed giving a handful of grass to and stroking.

We all took some dolls to show and talk about, all in a variety of wonderfully different outfits, nearly all of which had been hand crafted by very talented people.

None of the dolls in the photographs are mine unfortunately, but they are all gorgeous with their own little personalities.

Such an amazing garden and just like the one that I dream of having some day!

The house was stunning.

Just look at these wonderful vintage prams - aren't they just fabulous.

There was even a sales table, which was full of lovely goodies.

Some more gorgeous dolls.

It was so lovely to meet other people who enjoy and understand the joys of Sasha, Gregor and co. A big thank you to the wonderful hostess DL and others who helped arrange this enjoyable day and made me feel very welcome. Also a big thank you to J who was kind enough to come and pick me up and take me to this trip. I hope you have got over all our chit chat! ;-)


  1. Lorraine,

    Wonderful photos and it's so nice to see everyone enjoy their time with Sashas. Thank you for providing the nice write-ups too :)

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    Sadly in germany we got no SashaFunDays
    - there's no Sasha community.

  3. Amazing to see all those lovely Sashas together! H0pe you will come on over and join my giveaway.

    Pomona x

  4. Lorraine it was lovely to meet you and hope we will again some day soon.
    These pictures are just beautiful and I shall enjoy looking at them time and time again.
    Love Sarah and her Sashas! xx


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