Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meet the New Girls.

I'm feeling rather lucky and very spoiled today as I welcome, not one, not two, but three new girls to my Sasha family. I am absolutely thrilled with the new girls who are currently standing round me while I type this - so I have to write something good! Not that that is hard at all. So sitting here with a heated wheaty pack against my back and shoulders I can smile at my lovely girls.

My lovely husband was kind enough to take some time out of his working day to take to see Shelly of SashadollUK. I would never have been able to cope with the journey on my own. Just being in the car has left me very sore this evening. However, it was worth it!

Oh my what delights!

There had been a gorgeous Gotz Sasha that I had been umming and ahhing about for the last few weeks, looking at her, well, pretty much everyday. Yes it has become an obsession! Fortunately for me, she was still waiting for a new home when we saw Shelly today.

Once I saw her 'in the flesh' I knew that I couldn't go home without her today.

Just look at her gorgeous face!

Next up we have a pretty 1971 Trendon Sasha in her Blue Gingham Dress. Her hair is gorgeous, so soft and silky and she has lovely pale blue eyes.

Such pretty eyes and hair.

The third girl to join our family is this gorgeous 1965 Gotz, large head with yellow eyes, with lovely red hair in a ponytail. I knew when I first saw her picture I just HAD to have her and as soon as I saw her, it was like seeing a familiar face. Even my husband agreed!

My younger son (14 years old) thinks I should call her Amber, which I think is a very good name for her, so Amber she is.

I feel so so lucky and can't wait to get sewing for them.

I can't quite believe that they are mine!

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  1. Lovely Ladies, Serenata!

    (Wish I could join your SashaFunDay.)


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