Thursday, 12 June 2014

Making Friends

Pierre is walking round the garden when he comes across Baby Amelia crawling on the grass.

He stops to stay hello to her

She indicates she wants to be lifted up

Pierre is happy to oblige, he likes babies.

Here, hold my hand.

She reaches up.

There you go!

I think he has found a little friend.

Time to sit down again now Amelia.

He helps her to sit down carefully.


  1. What a sweet little boy he is. Amelia will have a protector and friend to teach her lots of new things.

  2. How sweet is that then? I can see a kind and caring relationship developing between these two.
    Love the expressions on Amelia's little face.

  3. Pierre is certainly a gentleman and so kind to baby Amelia. Wonderful photos and so nice that he is getting to know his new family :) xx


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