Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - Meet & Greet Ice Cream Social

Well the Sasha Festival is over for another year and what a fantastic time we all had.  The hotel was lovely and the rooms very comfortable indeed.  I shared with my lovely friend Norvell again and it was great to catch up with her.  

This is the bedroom.

We also had another lovely room for sitting and relaxing in and of course for making that necessary cup of tea!

Nice bathroom as well.   What more could one ask for. 

I headed down with Henry to register and of course to 'Meet and Greet'.

Henry was pleased to meet his heart throb.... although I am not sure she was too bothered!

He tries to chat to her.... the other girls are welcoming everyone.

Some of the lovely ladies welcoming us, Judy & Holly on the right.

The irrepressible Marti and Jackie.

Lovely Brenda with her gorgeous Mum Virginia.

Laura & Ginger.

Donna, Pat, Margo & Cheryl 


Meg's gorgeous daughters Abby & Rebecca

Fran & Boo

Viginia, Brenda & Lee

Lots of goodies to put on the ice cream


Pat, Laura, Monica & Diane 

Laura and a lovely group of Sasha babies, Sashas & Gregor.

Donna, Elizabeth & Beth

Caroline K 

Henry & Harry

Introducing themselves to each other.

A gorgeous Pintucks in her beautiful white dress.

Annette's beautiful studio doll...of which I will write about in more detail...

Stevie & Finn

In the meantime....while we were all busy downstairs....what was happening upstairs in the room?

What is this?  A hand, coming out of the suitcase?

Surely not?!

Is the coast clear?  

Looks like someone successfully smuggled herself to the festival after all!

What?  Please don't tell on me Finn!

Peggy Sue looks slightly alarmed at being discovered by Finn. (Ginger's lovely NP boy)

If anyone recognises faces that I haven't yet put names to, please let me know and I can add them.


  1. What a fun post, Lorraine…can't wait for more! It was lovely to see you again in Phoenix, now onward to Ft. Worth!

    1. Thank you Charla, wasn't it the best time?! Yes, Ft Worth here we come! :-)

  2. Wonderful post Lorraine! So glad you are home safely and it was so very nice to see you again! :) xx

    1. It was so lovely to see you again as well Ginger, we had a wonderful time didn't we?

  3. Looks as though everybody had a good time. I'm REALLY glad Peggy Sue got there....the first wooden Sasha!
    Are you home now, or still visiting?
    Jenni x

    1. Yes just got home this morning Jenni. Peggy Sue had a bit of surprise with all the babies, but I do think she enjoyed herself as well and she got a lot of attention from Suzanna Lewis, Anne Votaw and Ann Chandler :-) as well as many others who made her welcome.

    2. I was sure Peggy Sue would be welcome and glad she managed to smuggle herself into the suitcase to attend. The social looks like it was fun.

  4. thank you it is so nice to see sasha friends :) Brigitte

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post Brigitte... I am hoping to post each day, depending on how tired I am!

  5. So pleased that you are safely back in the UK and have had a wonderful time.
    Greatly looking forward to your following Festival blog posts...... as this was a super starter..

    1. Thank you Kendal, I really had a truly wonderful time. It is nice to be home though and see some green, although I did rather enjoy the gorgeous blue skies and much warmer temperature!

  6. What a wonderful blog. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time! Know my thoughts and prayers are with Ann Chandler for a speedy recovery. I look forward to reading more on your blog. Thank you so much for reporting in. Lora Garrison in Kansas

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Lora. We got to visit Ann on the day before I left and she was in very good spirits.


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