Sunday, 8 June 2014

Rory is delighted!

What are you doing Rory?

Watching the tadpoles.


Yes look, lots of them!

As you can imagine Rory hasn't left the pond all day after discovering we have tadpoles!


  1. I'm betting that seeing these littleTadpoles brings back many childhood memories to us all. It was an annual excitment to me as I closely watched the frog's sprawn turn into these little creatures before becoming those tiny little frogs although I was always happy enough to leave them at that stage as I'm not keen on the fully grown versions.
    I can well imagining Rory is absolutely thrilled and in his element and will be spending all and every day down there watching their development until they finally start to crawl out of the water and begin hop about on the land. I do hope that 'Dear' Henry will lend him his camera so that he can capture these exciting moments.

    1. Oh indeed, it is very exciting for all of us! Rory is as you imagined down there with camera in hand watching them closely...I have told him it will take a while for them to change into tadpoles, but he doesn't want to chance missing anything! He is currently in tadpole heaven!


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