Thursday, 5 June 2014

Boy in Garden - 8

Francis is not convinced that is warm enough to go without a sweater yet...


  1. Good Afternoon, Francis!
    I can quite understand why you would want to keep your sweater on. The weather is not yet settled, is it? Inany case, it is such a wonderful, classic cable knit, It just has to be worn.
    Jenni x

  2. I think that it's a case of that some of us feel the cold more than others. Something that I can relate to as I'm definitely ' a cold feeling soul' and can quite happily wear my Winter clothing even on the hottest Summer day and not feel too hot or un-comfortable. (I must look a bit strange though to the others in their light-weight flimsy material outfits!)
    Definitely a case of 'each to his own' here!

  3. Francis is looking very dapper in his pinstripe trousers and gorgeous sweater.

  4. I quite agree with both of you! It is definitely not warm enough to go without a sweater yet, that is for sure. I feel the cold a lot...but I can then go to the other extreme and once it reaches past a certain temperature I am too hot - never a happy medium.

  5. Francis is very handsome and he looks sp dapper in his outfit. So nice to see him again :)


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