Sunday, 15 June 2014

Henry helps Amelia pack...

Henry is spending some of his birthday helping baby Amelia pack for the festival.  Little Alfie has decided he wants to stay and play with the boys, so Amelia gets to go.  She has heard about all the wonderful fashionable Sashas that will be going and can't wait to see some of these glamorous girls.

Henry has found Amelia's clothes and laid them out on the table.

You don't mind sharing my case do you?  He asks her.

Amelia climbs up with the support of the table to see what clothes she will be taking.  She actually doesn't have a lot of choice so it is quite easy!

Henry puts them in the case with her help.

There we go, all ready...what?  You don't know where Piglet is? Asks Henry.

Here you go, never fear.... Henry says and gives her Piglet.

Amelia looks very happy.


  1. Hi Amelia!
    Your big brother is very kind.... I think mine would probably hide my things, not pack them for me.
    I have the same Piglet as you. That sounds silly, there's only one real Piglet, but you know what I mean.
    Have a wonderful time at the Festival.
    Angelina xx

    1. Hello Angelina, I think Henry is kind...not sure Simon would help me pack..nor the twins, but Rory might, although I might find a frog in with my things as he is frog mad. Piglet is cute isn't he? Thank you for your good wishes, I am quite nervous about going as there will be lots of big girls and boys and their people as well!

      Love Amelai xxx PS Mummy helped me write this.

  2. Don't fret, Amelia, there will be many of us big kids at the Festival, but there will be lots of babies there, as well. I will be going along with my Dolly Mama, and we will also be bringing Miss Ella's Baby Rose, and my my baby sisters, Baby Lola and Baby Ellen, so you'll be sure to have plenty of company!

    Love, Maria

  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Henry!

    Your friend in Central Illinois, in the USA,
    PS - See you at the Festival!

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  5. A very happy birthday 'Dear' Henry.
    It is my ex-wedding aniversary today too as well as the UK's Father's Day so a very special day for many.
    How kind you are to help little Ameila pack ready for her trip to the Sasha Festival. I'm presuming that you have already packed yours and are adding hers on the top so that her pretty dresses would get too creased?
    I hope that you all have a super time in the US and look forward to seeing and reading all about it here.

  6. Hi there Amelia! It's so nice to have a brother to help you get ready for the trip to Phoenix. I look forward to meeting you! We will have a great time :) xx

  7. What a great kid Henry is. so kind to the Baby, as well as Peggy Sue, even though we all know she bosses him a bit.

    Hope everyone is having a great time at the Festival!


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