Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Boy in Garden - 11

It is Connor's turn to feature...captured here without James his twin!


  1. Great to see 'the other half' of James and co. The brunette/brown eyed dolls are my very favourite and he certainly doesn't disappoint with his handsome good looks.
    I love these outfits of theirs with the colour rust/green combinations but tend to think that it might suit James' hair colouring just that little bit more....BUT please don't tell Connor as I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. Perhaps their next outfit could enhance his darker looks and so even things up?
    Is he the last of your lads being shown in the garden setting?

    1. I quite agree with you, these colours suit James better...their other outfit suits Connor better... ;-) Yes they could do with more than two outfit! Will have to get on to that task at some stage.

      I haven't done Rory or Henry yet...three of the boys weren't mine. Oh and I haven't done Alex either! Perhaps people are getting bored with the boys?

    2. BORED? With the BOYS, Lorraine??? Not a chance. I think you are a little Gregor deprived! J xx

    3. I'm certainly NOT getting bored with the boys and was only just asking if there were any more out of curiosity..... BUT how could I have forgotten about 'Dear' Henry!
      I knew that Rory had been shown the other day inspecting the tadpoles in the new little pond but had forgotten that that post didn't belong to this series.
      Can't quite remember who Alex is.
      (I was aware too that a coupe of the lads weren't yours but that they were just visting Henry.)

    4. Phew! (Wiping brow) That is a relief :-) I do love the boys as you know, and of course 'Dear' Henry must have his turn also. I guess I could have included Rory in the series post...but he was very one track minded that day.

      Alex is short for 'Prince George Alexander Emmanuel' the boy who was my Wedding Anniversary gift from my husband - he arrived just before Christmas.

      We are finally getting a patio so my garden has 'shrunk' a bit at the moment due to sand, cement and paving slabs! Still might make a bit of a posing feature!

  2. Hello handsome boy!
    He's lovely, Lorraine.
    J x

  3. Love the boys Lorraine, not boring at all :). Connor is just super with his gorgeous dark hair and stunning brown eyes. What a heart breaker!!! Great photos :) xx


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