Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Trump card and Secrets....

Just after Henry had finished helping Amelia to pack....

...Peggy Sue strolls along and puts a case down...

What are you doing with that case Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

Why, these are my things to go to the Sasha Festival of course.  She answers him.

But (and here Henry thinks he is playing a trump card)  you can't go, because not only are you NOT a Sasha, but you don't have a passport He proudly informs her.

Ta da!  Oh but I do!  Peggy Sue says, pulling her hand from behind her back holding a passport.

Henry is shocked.  How did you manage to get that?  He asks.

Oh well, it is like this...  Peggy Sue starts to explain how with the help of another wooden of more mature years, she managed to get a passport.

So you see, it is quite simple.  Peggy Sue continues.  There is nothing stopping me now.

Amelia crawls over to find out what is going on.

Yes Amelia, I can come as well, is that what you would like?  Peggy Sue asks her.

Looks like Amelia is happy for Peggy Sue to go...  as Henry thinks about it, still stunned by Peggy Sue's trump card, a passport, he is beginning to think Peggy Sue could be quite useful looking after baby Amelia, and thus freeing him up somewhat.


Seen early this morning...but not overheard...

I wonder what has been said and agreed upon?


  1. Hmmm! More plotting?
    But you can't blame her, can you?
    Or coud she be up to something else?

    I'm SOOO enjoying this story.
    I also just noticed how lovely the 'skin' of Peggy Sue's left hand is. She clearly uses a great brand of moisturizer! I'm becoming a more and more devoted Peggy Sue fan. She is a little darling.

    Supposed to be marking exam board papers and it is DULL! Thank you for a great 5 minute break.
    Jenni xx

  2. The suspense is mounting--Peggy Sue is so devilishly clever, love her blue gingham dress too! My money is on Peggy Sue ;). Also, Stevie's hair is just gorgeous! Love the multi colors of blonde streaks :) xxxx

  3. I think quite a few Sasha people at the festival will be very disappointed if Peggy Sue DOESN'T go - they will all want to meet this persuasive and persistent little character! I wish there was room in your suitcase for me to go too.


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