Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Month of Jemima comes to a close.

Well January is almost at its end and so to is my month of focussing on Jemima.

I have enjoyed spending this month with her being the centre of attention and she has accumulated a little wardrobe of her own.

Today I finished by making her some panties - I also made a longer pair as well. (Not pictured)

Most of her clothes are fairly short though so the longer pair will do for when she gets a more 'studio' style dress to wear in the future, or could be worn under her dungarees when it is really cold.

Two of her dresses were bought, but I took the velcro off the back and sewed snaps on instead.  

Her wardrobe now consists of:

Two knitted tunic dresses,
One knitted skirt and cardigan
Checked dress
Pink Gingham dress
Dungarees, sweater and hat (that she arrived in)
Pair of shoes made by myself
Pair of sandals.
Pair of pink/purple glasses.

Now to decide who to focus on next month from my 2015 dolls. 


  1. Jemima has a lovely wardrobe. It is nice to have outfits for different occasions and different weather. I look forward to seeing your next doll of focus. :) xxx

    1. It is nice to make a wardrobe for an individual doll...all to often you just accumulate a lot and whilst that is good variety, it is also nice for them to have their own special clothes.

      Not sure who I am going to focus on next...11 dolls arrived last year, some of which were 'kind of introduced but not properly' - so 10 to choose from... Actually you could say 12, as my friend's boy Junior who was supposed to come for a holiday - ended up staying, as she decided to sell him, but I am not sure if he will be moving on so not including him.

  2. My daughter had the rag doll called Jemima from the TV series that was around in her day (though I can't remember what the programme was called but I think that it also included Big Ted and Little Ted characters.)
    I particularly like your Jemima when wearing her spectacles. Very studious looking!

    1. I think that is probably who she reminded me of...I seem to recall my sister talking about Jemima when she was little - I was never a TV watcher even when we did have one and for most of my childhood and pretty much all of my adult life I have never had one.

      I love the spectacles as well...they really suit her.


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