Monday, 4 January 2016

Creativity is the word.

2016 is going to be a year of creativity - or at least that is my has started off well with the completion of two outfits.  One for Baby and one for Jemima.

Baby chose his buttons....seems he likes bright colours and certainly has a mind of his own.

There is a hat to match, but he refused to wear it.

Jemima got a new skirt and cardigan and she is very pleased with it.

I have knitted this pattern before in green and Liebe often wears it, so thought I would try it in a bigger size.

Here they are sitting patiently beside my computer while I upload the photos!


  1. Both look very cozy and warm. :)

    1. They sure are! They need to be at this time of year, although it has been fairly 'mild'

  2. A good New Year's Resolution.Should hopefully keep you busy and 'out of mischief' then! Who's outfit is next on the list?

    1. Well that is the hope anyway Kendal to avoid temptation. 😉. I think I will be making something else for Baby. I am enjoying him a lot.


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