Saturday, 9 January 2016

Secret Santa Swap - Part Nine

Yes another Secret Santa Post!

This time Secret Santa was me :-) and the recipient was Julie in USA.

This is what her 'kids' wrote to Santa.

Dear Santa,
We have been very very good this year. We always do as mom says and models all the clothes
she makes to sell. She sews and smocks super good, but don't tell her we said this: but her
knitting is kinda bad. We would love a cardigan sweater to share for Christmas. And maybe a
book to read. Could you maybe bring a puppy too. We will all take good care of it. Mom says we
are not "sponsible" enough to have one. But we really are. Any surprises you bring us we will
love forever.
thank you Santa.
love, Emma, Gabby, Noelle, Anna, (and the rest of us)

I think I was able to include most of what they wished for - even the book which I forgot to package and photograph which was sent separately!

This is what she wrote:

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you so much from the "clan" for all the lovely Christmas gifts. Since I cannot knit, the sweaters are wonderful. I had to make a quick skirt for the purple and am in progress for a matching bottom for the "pull over" sweater. All my sweet kids wanted to be in the pictures but they have not been "presentable" (the dresses I make,  usually get sold, and have been busy with the Holidays) Someone is now in love with a handsome lad from across the pond. She wants to have tea and share her toys with him and not so much her sisters.

I think once Henry gets over his blushing he will be most keen to 'have tea and share toys' with the beautiful Anna!

Thank you for the photos Julie, so glad you liked the swap.


  1. A wonderful Santa Swap. So many lovely gifts and the dreamy photo of Henry is wonderful. :) xxx

  2. Seems to have been some VERY GOOD Sasha Dolls this year judging from the photos shown here as everyone seems to have got all that they had asked for.
    Well done all you kids! Hoping that the same happens for you again next year.


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