Monday 18 January 2016

Introducing Jemima

I have finally finished this post which has been some time in the planning!

I was very selective with my Sasha purchases last year, with only one being spontaneous and one other being well.... almost spontaneous....  All were on my 'wish list' which was also good.  I have done a group collage, but am going to save that photo for the end.

I am going to introduce them slowly over the course of the year - about one a month probably in order to focus on them and take time to enjoy them.  I think sometimes we can get swooped up in the world of collecting that we forget to spend time with our dolls and before we know it another one is joining the family.  My aim this year as mentioned before is to try and focus on what I have and to try and not add to the family...although no promises as most who are in this hobby know just what a slippery slope it can be!

The first is of course my lovely Course doll Jemima who has already appeared here, but not been properly introduced.

She was described as an AI Re-covered Studio/Course doll from 1952 and one of the earliest true Sasha dolls.  Sadly though she was in such a bad way she needed to be totally restored although her original body and stuffing with newspapers dating her are inside her full recovered head and body.  She was also given a new hemp hair wig and clothing made with vintage fabrics.

Here are her arrival photos.  She couldn't wait to get out and explore the garden

She enjoyed hanging about the pond

It wasn't soon before Jacob joined her tadpole watching.

It has only been recently that I have started to get to really know her as I have started to work on her wardrobe - she is my 'Doll of the Month' to focus on.  Of course as I get to spend more time with her, I get to know her better.  I don't especially like her lip paint - but hey, not all our facial features are perfect and she can't help hers and I don't like to change anything unless it was absolutely necessary.

Of course I have already posted some photos of her already this month...

Her first new dress received for Christmas, made by myself.  I also made her shoes.

A two piece knitted outfit made by myself.

Pink gingham dress from 'My Doll Boutique'  

Checked dress from 'My Doll Boutique'  

Taking a pause from reading...

This sweet girl is quiet and studious, but is also curious about the world around her.  

Her 'siblings' are Jacob, Jasper & Joel (Still to be introduced)

I am really enjoying her very much.  


  1. Hi Serenata, thanks for visiting my blog. I had no idea Sasha dolls were made in the 50s. I adore the little red suit you have made her. I have been doing a thin out of my Barbie type boxed fashion dolls at the moment. I can't see them and don't absolutely love them so they are finding new homes at the moment. Lizzie.

    1. Hi Lizzie, The 'Studio' Sasha dolls were first made in the late 40s and 50s but the actual more mass produced dolls first started to be produced in the 60s, first by Goetz and then by Trendon in UK.

  2. Jemima is a very pretty and sweet course girl. I think it is a good idea to focus on a doll a month and it does help to get to know the dolls better. Your outfits are all so nice and I especially like the two piece knitted outfit. Lovely, slight flare on her skirt hem and it is just the right length to show her cute legs. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I think the more time you spend with a doll the more you get to 'know' can be all too easy to buy, spend a short amount of time with them and then moving on to the next one coming in. This way hopefully I will curb the spending (which we already know I have failed once so far this year!) and start to enjoy them more. Certainly this has worked with Jemima and I am more in love with her now than when she first arrived.


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