Friday, 8 January 2016

Jemima has a Pink day.

Jemima wanted to dress up in pink gingham today as it was apparently a 'pink' kind of day....

She even put a pink ribbon in her hair.

She recently had to have her eyes tested as like many once they reach a 'certain' age, she was finding close work more difficult and apparently 'one's arms are only so long'.  She choose a burgundy/pink pair as she said they would go with many clothes - and although she doesn't have an extensive wardrobe yet, they do indeed match her clothes!

She very much enjoyed being able to read clearly again.


  1. Pink gingham is a perfect fabric for her. She even looks cute in glasses!

  2. Isn't it just?! The glasses certainly add a certain studiousness to her!

  3. A lovely dress and her glasses look great! It is nice that she likes to read! ;) xxx

    1. She certainly does like to read - most of the family are good readers - not having a TV helps!

  4. Lovely in pink Gigham!
    Sensible girl taking care of her eyes by wearing those smart spectacles when reading.
    (Unfortunately Ive now reached the age of needing to wear them all the time!)


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