Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A New Dress for Jemima

Still working on Jemima's wardrobe - although this dress wasn't originally planned for her, she is very happy to have ended up with it and I am really pleased with it.  Of course trying to get true colour representation at the moment with the poor light we have is another matter!

Only four days left in January and I still need to make her some underwear!  Must get cracking.


  1. Very pleased to hear about the underwear as wouldn't want her tombe a victim of that old saying (though can't quite recall it at the mo) about being 'dressed to the nines' on the outside for show but bare underneath where it can't be seen!
    Is it something like 'Plus fours and no knickers?'

    1. Ha ha! Indeed....I remember something like that as well...

      Incidentally when I was a teenager I caught a bus to school that picked up children from the local was a place of controversy...anyway one day the bus broke down and we got a lift in some kind of van and we all had to hop in the of the girls from the commune skirt rode up - you can imagine my horror when I realised she didn't have any underwear on! Apparently it was a case of 'first in first served, grab what you can to wear'

      I could tell many more stories but that is enough to give nightmares for now.


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