Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Secret Santa Swap - Part Eight

Some more Secret Santa Swap photos -this time from Secret Santa Rochelle to Sheila.

Sheila writes:

Here are the photos of what Rochelle sent me ,the one with the chocolate snowman on Sasha`s lap shows what happens if a snowman gets to close to a heat source.I`m happy to report he still tasted yummy.The skirt is made from reclaimed Laura Ashley fabric,looks like a possible sleeve off of a garment.The blue cardigan has sparkly yarn perfect for the new years party.Sasha is standing with Father Christmas. Not only was there Lindt snow people chocolate there was peppermint bark too.that made wonderful topping for toffee I made.The 2 doll house figures are grandparents I know I`ll have a hard time keeping them from Emma and Jackson,


  1. Another lovely Secret Santa Swap on this pretty Sasha.

  2. Very pretty Santa gifts. A very nice Santa Swap! :) xxx

    1. It is lovely to see all the great gifts people have sent and received.


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