Friday, 15 January 2016

Secret Santa Swap - Part Eleven - Final Posting

The final posting of the 2015 Sasha Secret Santa Swap!

This time the gifts were sent by Secret Santa Rosie who sent to Laura

Laura's 'kids' had written in their letter to Santa this:

Dear Santa,
Mommy is helping us write this to you as the babies/ toddlers in the Osterdyk family. We would love to have -New toys/stuffed animals/blankets to play with cause mommy says when we get bored we get in trouble and it gets pretty cold in Minnesota.
- We boys would love to have some new outfit as mommy never has time to make us some an a few of us only have a nappy
- We would love to have some new socks/ shoes as none of use have any except the outfit came with them -Us girls would love some sweaters or jackets if possible it is very cold in minn(snow)ta and we need to be ready for the next 6 months of winter.  Mommy said its not really that long but it feels like it.
- Finally we love to connect with other babies we love to see all the different children and were they are leaving so if you could throw in a picture of some of your sasha family and a little letter we would love to see it. Mommy will read it to us.
Thank you Santa for thinking of us this Christmas we may not have been the nicest to each other and we may have gotten into trouble but we hope you understand.
The Osterdyk babies and toddlers 

Didn't Secret Santa Rosie do well?  Look at the amazing blanket and outfits the Osterdyk babies received.


Thank you to all who participated in this yearly event - I think everyone works very hard and really gets into the spirit of giving.


  1. gorgeous. I think the swap in 2015 was really lovely - everyone got some super gifts.

  2. Glad you liked them.
    Thanks Lorraine for organizing another successful swop.


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