Monday, 21 April 2014

Molly & Sally play in the garden.

It is a lovely day and Sally and Molly are enjoying themselves in the garden.

Molly has found the skipping rope.

Do you want to watch me skipping?  She asks Sally.

Okay, can I have a turn after you Molly?  Sally asks.

Of course.   Molly tells her.

This is how you do it.  Molly demonstrates.

Molly shows Sally how she can skip.

You are pretty good at it.  Sally tells her.

Here you go Sally, you can have a turn now.  Molly says as she passes the skipping rope to Sally.


  1. Unfortunately we rarely see children skipping these days. Such a pity as it's a good form of exercise without any expensive gear required.

    I always taught all my school children how to skip, graduating from skipping individually, then in pairs and finally in groups.
    I remember that it was quite noticeable in the very beginning that the lads with older sisters were often much more experienced in the art than those who hadn't.

    I'm sure that Sally, with Molly's help and example, will 'get the hang' of it and soon be skipping together in pairs to the old skipping rhymes passed down from generation to generation..

    1. It is a shame isn't it? Certainly my older son learnt to skip and also they did skipping at school to raise money for certain charities. I just think that children don't choose to skip any more...they are too busy sat inside on computers!

      The girls had a lovely afternoon together and by the end of the afternoon were both very proficient in skipping and various games.

  2. Sally and Molly are so sweet in their dresses and I love the skipping rope lesson. I spent a lot of time as a child having great fun with a jump rope. So nice to see them :) xx


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