Monday, 14 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 25th February: Sea World - Sea Lion show

The Sea Lion Show was accompanied with some fun music and what a great show it was, full of laughs and antics by all involved.  A great story indeed.

Al Baloney...

Uh oh...what is he up to?

Some funny business going on here...

What's this?  Bags of money?

Seems to be something fishy going on.

Along come the Fish Detectives.

Show us your good side.

Give us a smile!

Painting an identikit

Give us a kiss love

Yes sir!


Walk this way...

...what do we see?

Right foot

Left foot

A very appreciative audience, lots of laughs indeed.


  1. Was it only one Sea Lion doing all these wonderful tricks..... or several do you know? The keepers and trainers must have a superb rapport with these animals to achieve such amazing results.

    I am now left wondering just how they get to the top of the slide unless they walk up a steadily inclined ramp on nthe other side.
    Did you get to see the finished painted portrait?
    Thanks for sharing another great Sea World show.

    1. Yes it was one main Sea Lion doing all the tricks and a slightly smaller one (maybe a seal?) Very clever he was indeed. The trainers and the animals looked like they had so much fun together.

      I wondered how they got up to the slide as well, and like you think there must have been a ramp. The finished portrait was the Mona Lisa I think!

      Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. Isn't he clever? I love little sea lion ears - they are far too small for their bodies, but so cute.

    I would find it hard to believe this guy was not anything but happy to take part in the show, no matter how animal rights people might say otherwise.


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