Saturday, 26 April 2014

What's this on the doorstep?

Henry heard a noise out the front this afternoon and goes to investigate.

What's this?  He looks at a little case deposited on the front porch.

Is this what he thinks it says?  Does that mean... that possibly his lost Trojan Teddy has been found?

He bends down to pick up the suitcase to take it inside.

He sits down in a corner with the suitcase on his lap.

He opens the lid and who should pop out?

Yes!  It is his 'Missing in Action'  little Trojan Teddy friend.

Henry can't quite believe his eyes.

Henry stares at his little friend.

Who quietly whispers to him 'I'm home'. 

Henry leaps up and races outside.

Look everyone he cheers, Trojan Teddy has come home!

He is no longer 'Missing in Action'

Yippee, Hooray

Isn't he just wonderful?

I am so pleased to have my Trojan Teddy back home.

Henry was so worried he had lost him and even asked his Aunty Michelle in New Zealand to see if he had been left there, but there was no sign of him...and just when Henry was giving up hope, today his little Trojan Teddy was reunited with him.


  1. Yeah Henry, so happy your Trojan Teddy made it home to you :)

    1. I have one very happy boy here this evening!

  2. YES!!! So happy for you, Henry.
    Harri x

  3. where was Mr. Teddy hiding?! glad he is home again!

    1. I think he must have been on a secret mission as he won't tell.

  4. Great news indeed! Loved the way the phase 'Missing in action' was used here!
    'Dear' Henry looks overjoyed!
    Delightful little suitcase.

    1. Oh yes, Henry is rather overjoyed, he was so worried and was wandering around like a little lost soul.

  5. Oh Henry - I am so Happy you got your Trojan Teddy Back! I do know how stressful it is when they lose their tiny cherished ones, what a Wonderful Joyous Happy Reunion!

    1. Thank you TiGGy, I too am really happy my Trojan Teddy came back. I'd search high and low for him everywhere...


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