Thursday, 10 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 25th February: Sea World

Well here I am at Sea World which is where Mum's friend Tania took us on the Tuesday.  We left early in the morning for the drive to the Gold Coast and arrived just before 10am. It was an amazing day, the sun shone brightly, it was wonderfully warm and great fun was had indeed.  She had very generously booked us into a wonderful room with a fabulous view at the resort.  

This is our room.


View from balcony

Just amazing, we have never stayed in a place like this before

The Australian flag.

At night they had a fun light show for all the children.

A view of Surfer's Paradise at night.

Here is Tania sitting with the Walrus.  Didn't get a photo of Mum unfortunately.

There really was so much to do and see.

I loved watching the penguins.

Look at the way he is bending his head back to groom himself.

Hitty Madge enjoyed the penguins as well.

We watched the little penguins being fed in the enclosure outside.

This one still has some blood from the fish round its beak.

We went into the big aquarium where I enjoyed watching all the different types of fish.

It was amazing, there were sharks...

Look a stingray!

A huge turtle

Look another shark!

Close up of the turtle - he was huge.

Hey look it is Dory from 'Finding Nemo'

...and yet more fish!  So colourful they were.

This is a view from near the resort.

Some flowers - Mum always has to take some pictures of flowers of course.

A ray - Mum's friend Tania fed the rays which was fun to watch.

These were all interesting, kind of sea slug/cucumber things.

The were quite big!

Very unusual

You can see how big they were comparing them to me.

I loved seeing these, they were fun.

I liked this one especially.

Hitty Madge enjoyed looking at them as well.

It was very hot, so to cool down a bit, I went for a walk in the jungle to see what I could find.

Nothing quite like a stroll through the cool plants.

What did I find?

Well hello...Dinosaurs!

Hello Pelicans!

Early the following morning I saw a parakeet in the trees outside our room.

Also a Pelican swimming in the sea.

Still to come...

The Dolphin and Sea Lion Show and the Polar Bears.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic post! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing pictures. I'm very jealous of that hotel room, it looked like pure luxury. What a fabulous visit to Sea World, as well. So many incredible things to see. You brightened my day!!! Thank you! :-) Lauri

  2. Henry looks like he really enjoyed this leg of your holiday - what fabulous wildlife to encounter. I was particularly pleased to see your photos of the hibiscus flowers, I grew up with this very colour of hibiscus in our front garden. In school we used the hibiscus as the example of how pollination works and it made a lot of sense (I've never really forgotten that lesson).

  3. Love tbe Sea World photos especially the turtle--he is awesome! It looks like Henry is having a great time! The view from your room is so beautiful. It is wonderful that you were able to go and spend time with your family :)

  4. Looks like it was one of those 'adventurtes of a lifetime! Lucky you and 'Dear' Henry!
    My very favourites photos were of the baby Penguins being fed by human hand.


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