Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 26th February: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Part Two

Well before you start, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or whatever your choice of drink may be as this is rather a photo heavy post!

Continuing through the Wildlife Sanctuary brought us to the dingo enclosure...

I was watching the dingos...I think it may have been near their feeding time as they were quite active and inquisitive.

Something has caught this one's eye...

Oops, he has spotted me!

Several more photos of these amazing dogs.

I'm bored...

Well we eventually had to move on...as we wanted to watch the Aboriginal Dance display.

Playing a didgeridoo 

Making fire...

This guy did the singing and clapped the sticks together.

During the day we also went to see the crocodiles and watched their feeding time.

The crocodiles seemed to know just when it was time as they started moving before we even saw the keepers approach.

Ready and waiting!

Come and get it!

They do this to keep the crocodiles active to simulate catching prey.

Just look at those jaws...yikes!

Got it!

Phew!  That was exciting.

Time to investigate some rock pools

Chilling out by the waterfall

So lovely and peaceful

Now what do we have here?

Wow, look at this!  Rory will be amazed!

Wowee, I've seen a dragon!  Wait until I tell the lads at home....they will never believe me!

Hmm...this looks like a snake...

Look at the stripes on its body, just like the picture above.

It wasn't long before I discovered the baby crocodiles.

They were so cute, I wanted to take one home with me.

Hmmm...I wonder....

I think he would make a great pet!

I mean he isn't going to take up too much room in the garden surely?

Next we saw....

Oh no!  Watch out Mum!

I wouldn't want to meet any of these in the wild!

Glad they couldn't get out!

Let's move on to something a bit more friendly

Isn't this cute?

A lovely kingfisher

There were lots of lizards wandering around and we just had to take lots of photos of them.

A Tasmanian Devil sleeping...

Yup, more lizards...we just had to take these photos as we know Rory will want to see them.

Isn't he handsome?

I settle down to watch the bird display and what happens?  Some people came and sat in front of me!  How rude...I couldn't see and had to stand up!

This lady was so knowledgeable and told us all about the birds, it was so interesting.

This guy was really funny and tried to 'steal' the show!

Fabulous owls.

This bird was humongous!

Bright and colourful, I just loved the reds and blues of this bird.

Lastly to finish the day off you could feed the parakeets...

Mum's friend Tania enjoyed doing this while Mum took the photos!

The End....


  1. Beautiful photos! It is so nice and educational to see the animals and the birds up close. The dancers are so colorful and I really enjoyed all of the photos--though the crocodile was a bit scary ;) xxxx

    1. So glad you have enjoyed them, this really was an amazing place to visit and I could have easily spent a couple of days there. The dancers were great and it was good to see a young lad involved as well.

  2. Thinking that I would certainly have been giving those reptile enclosures (especially the snakes, crocodiles and lizards) a definite miss!
    Such a pity that Rory couldn't have come instead of Hitty as he would have been 'in his element' seeing and reading about the reptiles. He and 'Dear' Henry could have shared the clothing and if another front carrying sling couldn't have been added to the tote bag I'm sure that he wouldn't have minded being transported in the inside and popped out just to see the things that he is really interested in.

    (In hindsight it's a pity that Tania couldn't have helped Henry hold the Parakeet's food tray! What a picture that would have made!)

    1. To be honest Kendal I didn't want Henry pooped on....there were a lot of birds! His hair couldn't take having to be washed.

      Travelling 12,000 miles for over 28 hours on a plane isn't really conducive to taking Rory as well as Henry so one has to compromise and Hitty Madge was delighted to be able to go away with him and has even written her own travel journal... It was surprising how heavy that bag was with just Henry, a bottle of water, sunscreen, camera and purse!

      Henry brought home a special gift for Rory anyway...

  3. Aw, but Hitty Madge deserved a holiday too, Kendal!
    I specially love the dingoes - oh , and Henry's very realistic pose when he was looking up at the bush dragon!
    (Back in hospital - there is nothing like being in hospital to get over the infection you picked up whilst in hospital recovering from the infection you acquired in a different hospital whilst recovering from a previous infection gained during a stay in....and so on, I've lost count! Stay home, hospitals are dangerous places!) Jenni xx

    1. Exactly Jenni! As said above, Hitty Madge was absolutely delighted and a very necessary companion as well.

      Oh no, sorry to hear you are back in the dreaded hospital again, that is NOT good news at all. Wish I could do something to help.

  4. Thank you very much for posting these photos of your trip. They are sensationnal, I especially love the bird pictures, they are so hard to catch but you made them very well. Professionnel looking. Hugs, Fanny

    1. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment Fanny. So glad you have been enjoying the photos. It has been a lot of work going through them to make them the right size for the blog!


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