Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Some more girls in their Spring Clothing.

A few more of my lovely girls have changed into Spring/Summer wear.

The lovely Meredith

Very pretty in her pink and blue dress made from vintage fabric.

Cora looking very pretty in her colourful blue dress.

Sweet Emily in a dress that suits her very well.

Just got to love this girl with her little scarred chin.

She is looking forward to a few more adventures with Henry this year hopefully.


  1. All looking nice and ready to enjoy the warmer months.
    This seasonal changing takes such up a lot of our time and if yours is anything like mine here, the house gets quite messy in the process!
    Always pleased when they are all changed and a big tidy up can take place......that is, until the next time!

    1. Oh yes Kendal indeed...since I have arrived home the house looks well, less tidy than it did! There are dolls clothes boxes everywhere! Must tidy up this week...

      So nice to get them changed though.

  2. Your pretty girls look lovely in their dresses! I particularly like the shorter lengths on Cora and Emily--just so pretty. Emily is really showing her personality and looking very confident with her pretty dress, pretty bow in her hair and her shoes pull out that lovely color in the pattern of her dress--perfect! I do love Emily-----chin and everything else too :) xxxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, it has been fun dressing them again - I tried to make sure they were all in dresses I have made and I too especially like Cora and Emily's dresses. Cora's was one of the first dresses I made and I think I made Emily's last year, or possibly the year before. Emily is a real sweetheart indeed.


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