Tuesday 29 April 2014

The 2014 Kiwiana Collection

I have been busy the last week or so working with the gorgeous fabrics and yarns that I bought while in New Zealand and are pleased to be able to present the first part of my newest collection.  The boys collection will be ready in the next week or two with any luck.

The 2014 Kiwiana Collection

Clothing for sale with a New Zealand flavour exhibiting my love for New Zealand and the native bush and bird life that abounds. Hand made with care for Sasha and Gregor. All clothing has overlocked/serged seams, and lined bodices for the dresses and hand sewn hems.

The dresses with the birds on them feature some of my favourite birds, the little Fantail, the Kiwi, Tui and wood Pigeon to name a few.  The colours are evocative of the native bush, beautiful seas and abundance of blue skies and sunshine.

Kiwiana Batik £20.00 plus p&p

Kiwiana Flowers £15.00 plus p&p

1.  Kiwiana Aqua Birds modelled by the lovely Victoria.

2.  Kiwiana Black: Native Birds  Casually modelled by Stevie in her new shoes that Henry won, which she insists on wearing (not included in the sale)

3. Kiwiana Blues: Native Birds.  Weaver modelling this beautiful dress in lovely natural shades of blues and greens.

4.  Kiwiana Green: NZ & Ferns.  Modelled by sweet Sally.

5.  Kiwiana Orange: NZ & Ferns.  Modelled by Charlotte

6.  Kiwiana Flowers: Kowhai.  Modelled by Emily

7. Kiwiana Flowers: Kaka Beak  Modelled by the gorgeous Liebe


  1. Loved the opening photo of ALL your blonde girls in a row. Great to see the slight differences between them in just one glance.
    Your girls would definitely 'stand out from the crowd' when wearing these dresses displaying your New Zealand family link.

  2. Lovely photos of your girls. I, too, really enjoyed the photo of your blondes all in a row. They each have their own personality and they all look so pretty in these vibrant dresses. Liebe is especially beautiful in those pretty colors :) xx


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