Friday, 18 April 2014

The girls are getting geared up for Spring.

The girls have been getting changed into clothes more suitable for the wonderful Spring weather we have been having and have been enjoying getting out in the garden.

Nancy is wearing a Kiwiana design 'Koru' dress teamed with lovely sandals made by Macon Street Studios.  When I saw these sandals at the Sasha Festival last year, I just knew they would go perfectly with this dress.

Liebe is wearing one of the first dresses I made, 'Pansies' and this too is perfect for the Spring with the abundance of pansies available in the garden centres and flowering in the garden.

Stevie and Susan have on Kiwiana tops with Puhutakawa and Tuis on.  They love the colourful print of this fabric..

Weaver and Victoria have on a couple of pretty dresses made from the same fabric but with a different design.  

Love this picture of Weaver with the new pond/rockery behind her.


  1. I love Nancy in that dress and sandals, with sunshine.

    1. She is a lovely girl and I do like the colour combination of the dress and sandals very much indeed. Thank you

  2. Lovely photos of your girls wearing these beautiful fabrics. I see your pond is forming up well. What a great place for photos!! :)

    1. I am so pleased with the pond, I never thought about photo shoots when I made it, but it is going to work out so well.


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