Thursday, 8 November 2012

Henry at Windsor Castle

On Tuesday we went to Windsor Castle for the day.  The morning was bright and clear and we arrived in time for the Changing of the Guards much to Henry's delight.

Henry enjoyed watching the band and guards march by.

He was amazed by the size of the castle.

It really is impressive

I think Henry was rather awe struck by it all.

One of the wardens was delighted to pose with Henry.

Wow!  It is so big!  Henry exclaims.

These gardens much look really spectacular in spring and summer.

Of course all little boys like canons and Henry is no different.

We marvelled at the dolls house and all the wonderful accessories and Henry was amazed that the Princess's dolls also had their own cars...he wants one even more now!

Come on, can we go in now?

Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside.

Henry has another look at the guard.

My friend Jill enjoyed her day out with us.

I think this guard is eyeing Henry suspiciously!

Just before we left we spotted the perfect photo opportunity...Henry rushed over to stand with the guard.

He was very impressed I am sure!

A candid shot of Henry...not sure what he spotted, but it certainly caught his attention.

Henry also came home with a special something which he will show tomorrow.


  1. These are awesome photos! Windsor Castle is amazing! I hope to visit there one of these days. I really enjoyed seeing it from your perspective.

    Henry is a lucky little chap to go so many wonderful places with you. :o)

  2. Lorraine-
    Your pictures continue to impress. The castle shots are unlike any I have seen before. I wonder what the gaurd told his family when he went home that night (do they go home?). The candid of Henry is precious.

  3. Absolutely stunning photos here. Henry is one very lucky lad seeing these famous buildings and sights, not to mention the sounds, fist hand.
    There is nothing quite like first hand and hands-on experiences. These outings and things are never forgotten and great to have recorded photos of to look back at in the future.
    He is perfectly dressed for the outings, prepared for any change in the weather.
    My favourite photo is of him standing to attention by the guard
    and secondly, in joint position, posing with one of the wardens and manning the canon.
    A truly wonderful post.
    Sasha love and thanks for sharing this wonderful day's outing. From Kendal.

  4. First of all, stunning photographs of Windsor Castle. Second, I am really beginning to envy Henry! He gets some amazing chances to see all kinds of places! He must be the most travelled young man of my aquaintance! And so well turned out, too! I also wonder what the Guard told his family (or his colleagues!!!) when he went off duty! It's a great post again, Lorraine. I hope you can keep this up. Just brilliant. xxx Karin


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