Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Challenge...

Having started on my winter sweater project  for my Sasha girls and boys, has got me thinking about clothes and making them versus buying them and I have decided to make a pledge to only make my Sasha family their clothes for the next year, not purchase anything.  With one exception...if I manage to save up enough money to go to the Sasha Festival, then I will allow myself some spending money there.  Although if it is anything like the one this year I only had a budget of £25 to spend so didn't buy any clothes there anyway!    I am going to try and design a banner/photo tomorrow to display this pledge and if anyone wants to join in they are welcome to. 

My pledge will be something like this;

"A Sasha/Gregor Challenge of the Utmost Kind"

I pledge to not purchase any Sasha or Gregor clothing for a year from 1st December 2012.  Instead I plan to sew and knit their clothing only, making use of existing fabrics, yarns, and upcycling wherever possible.

I finally managed to get to my quilting group today after being unable to attend for several weeks.  I had cut out three Christmas dresses yesterday and managed to get them all sewn up today, but by the time I got home it was too dark to photograph them, so will do that tomorrow.  I have some other items that I am hoping to finish tomorrow.

As I have no new photographs to show, I will revisit a couple of older photos...

Tilly Rose in warmer weather when we had some sunshine.

The twins, Connor & James.

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  1. I love your kids, and you dress them so nicely.
    Hugs Sharon in Spainx


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