Friday, 23 November 2012

Paris - Part Five

The final part of Day Two continued with a walk through the park...

in which we enjoyed the autumnal colours  and statues.

Where we stopped and had the most expensive cup of tea ever!

Sitting alongside this pond, and enjoyed listening to the birds in the hedge.  We then continued our walk

past the obelisk to the Champs Elysees where all the Christmas decorations and the 'Le Village des Artisans d' Art' had been set up.

There was an ice skating rink around which were wonderful wildlife displays...

The entrance to the skate park.

Amazing chocolate for sale...very expensive though, we looked only.

Just look at this chocolate tools, would have made a fantastic gift!

We thoroughly enjoyed walking up and down each side and looking at all the stalls.  Jill managed to get quite a few gifts for her family and friends.  We stopped and enjoyed a crepe.

These were amazing!  Painted shells for hermit crabs they were selling.

We watched these for quite a looked like it was planning on changing its accomodation!

We then caught the Metro to the Eiffel Tower and were pleased to see that the top wasn't covered in fog this time!

The queue was far too long to even consider going up the tower, so we had a nice walk round before we caught the Metro back to our hotel...if only it were that easy!  We got back to where we thought our hotel was, only to realise we were, slightly lost!  A long, long walk later on what felt to me like shards of glass (my feet were sooooo sore!) we finally made it back at about 9pm, exhausted!


  1. Wow, these photos are so lovely. The Eiffel Tower is so pretty! My daughter will love these photos too.
    I can't wait to show her.

    Your poor feet! I can imagine that happening to me. LOL!

  2. I really have enjoyed your trip to Paris through your lovely photos and commentary, thank you so much for sharing. What a lot of tales Henry will have for his friends at home!
    Hugs Sharon x

  3. Lead me to the chocolate! Looks so yummy!

  4. What another fantastic day's sight-seeing.
    Particularly loved seeing the Tower all lit up...made a fabulous background for Dear Henry's photos.

    Great too that the weather stayed dry for you all when wandering through the park etc. and enabling you to take such superb photos for us all back home to see.

    I might well have asked you to bring me back one of the chocolate horse shoes for my Polo mad daughter for Christmas. Mind you, it might not have made it back intact and in one piece if Henry was travelling in your bag as well!

    Sasha love and many thanks for yet another great post. From Kendal.


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