Sunday, 25 November 2012

Paris - Part Six - The Louvre

Sunday, the final day of our trip to Paris dawned grey and drizzly, but fortunately we were going to be inside all day.  First we were going to the Louvre, then we had the long coach trip home.  

So here we have photos from our morning in the Louvre, as seen through Henry's eyes.

Amazing picture on the ceiling.

Henry enjoyed being able to get up close.

Henry & Jill studying the placade.

Next Henry walks round to the other side.

A similar painting, but in reverse...

After the Louvre we made our way back to the coach for the trip home.  

We were all thoroughly exhausted!


  1. I should think that you were all exhausted by the end of the weekend.
    I'm that and that's just from looking at everything here. So much to see and do but 'WOW' what a wonderful time and experience you all had. I'm most envious as I bet all your other Sashas and Gregors are of Dear Henry!

    The knowledge gained and sights and events that Henry has visited must make him the most well travelled (apart from Melody Mock's Tilily) of all the Sasha Dolls.

    Sasha love and many thanks for yet another most informative and interesting post.
    From Kendal.

  2. Lorraine, I bet you ARE exhausted! I've been exhausted just reading all that you did in such a short period of time. But I've really enjoyed your trip and all your photos. I would like to go to Paris one day, and hope I'll manage to see as much as you and Henry managed to see!
    Very enjoyable!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  3. Lovely photos! How wonderful to get to experience Paris a second time and see so many wondrous things.

    I hope you are feeling much better by now, as well.


  4. Thanks so much for these awesome pictures. Henry is a very polite visitor. One of my highest desires is to visit the Louvre someday. Wonderful colors you captured in your photos. Thanks again.

  5. Goodness, I'd never have dreamed they'd have allowed photography in the Louvre! Even of the Mona Lisa...and it doesn't seem to have been crowded either. I am sooooo jealous.

    Please take me with you next time you go, Henry - I'm sure it was your magic touch that achieved these miracles. - Jocelyn

  6. I am amazed you can now take photos at the Louvre! I had to leave my camera at the door!!! I would love to know what Henry really made of it all! He seems to be intelligently engaged the whole time! You had a great trip! I am thoroughly envious! xxx Karin


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