Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The intrepid explorer returns.

"I wonder if Bobby will be coming back today", Henry thinks to himself as he wanders down to the street entrance to have a look.

"I really hope he is, we have all been SO worried about him, and poor Mum, I'm sure she has ended up with even more grey least that is always what she says when one of the boys does something to worry her!"  

Henry thinks he has heard the trike...

He starts to run...

"Bobby, is that you?"  he calls.

A very weary Bobby comes peddling round the corner and onto the garden path.

He hopes off his bike as he really can't pedal any further, his legs are quite worn out!

"Phew, I'm exhausted" he says to himself...not realising Henry is coming down the path to meet him.

"It IS you!"  Henry cries. "I am SO glad to see you"

"You're home!"  Henry shouts while waving at Bobby.

"Hi Henry"  Calls out Bobby waving back.  "I'm home at last"

The boys forget themselves momentarily and have a big welcome home hug, they are so pleased to see each other.

"So tell me all about your trip"  Henry asks Bobby.  "Where have you been?  We've heard all sort of stories and rumours and  don't know what is true and what isn't? 

"Well..." begins Bobby.  "It happened like this..."

"....and I got down the road and used the zebra crossing to go across the road so I could get to the fields that lead to the M25....

Henry listens patiently, while itching to ask the important question...he can wait no longer!

"But is it true you have a performing guinea pig in your back pack?"  Henry asks.

"Well not strictly true"  says Bobby.

"Well what then?"  Henry asks again with a note of frustration in his voice.

"I DO have a guinea pig in my backpack, but it is not a performing one"  Bobby replies.  "I mean who REALLY heard of a guinea pig doing somersaults?  You'd have to be a bit mad to believe that!  The only time I've heard of that happening is when one has tried jumping off a show table and almost fallen before being caught mid air and I don't think it MEANT to do a somersault!"   

"Well I didn't believe that story for one minute"  Henry tries to scoff convincingly.

"Here is the little guinea pig though"  Bobby says as he carefully helps it out of his backpack... "His name is Humphrey"

"Humphrey?!  What a cool name!" Henry says.

"Come on Humphrey, out you come, you know you want to"  Bobby says in a soothing voice to the little guinea pig who has been travelling in his rucksack.

"WheeeeeeeeK!"  Humphrey squeals.

"That's a boy, come on out so I can show you to Henry, and then we can put you on the grass to have a good munch".

"That's it, gentle does it"  Bobby says as he carefully picks up Humphrey.

"Isn't he cute"  Bobby says to Henry.  "I found him wandering along the M25...I think someone must have abandoned him, poor little thing looked very frightened."

"Good thing he didn't go on the M25" says Henry.  "He may have gotten run over otherwise"

"Humphrey is so sweet.  I hope Mum lets me keep him"  Bobby tells Henry.

"I'm sure she will, you know she has taken in rescue guinea pigs in the past and likes looking after them.  Although I think she will say that you are responsible for Humphrey!"  Henry replies.  "I think she has enough to do looking after all the retired piggies she has.  You know the guinea pigs she calls 'the old folk'.  Henry giggles as he thinks of his Mum saying she is off to feed or clean out  'the old folk.  Sometimes he wonders what people would think if they heard her!

"So you didn't get to Devon then?"  Henry asks curiously while hoping he will eventually get to have a hold of Humphrey.

"Of course not silly, that is miles away!"  Bobby laughs.  "I was only away one night, and I stayed with a friend down the road."

"But what about the M25 that you keep going on about?" asks Henry.

"We were playing in the fields near it, that is how we found Humphrey"  Bobby tells Henry.

"So you didn't go and see your Girrrlllfriend?"  Henry asks cautiously.

"I don't have a girlfriend!"  retorts Bobby, while secretly hoping that the rumours HE has heard about Suzi giving Edmund her denim jacket aren't true.


  1. Glad the wanderer returned! Love the guinea pig :)

  2. So pleased that Bobby is back home safe and sound so that dear Henry can stop worrying and start to enjoy life again. (Only twenty-four hours worth of grey hairs for you then!)
    Some great poses here with Humphrey, the Guinea Pig and the waving and 'hugging' greeting sessions.
    Sasha love and thanks for the enjoyable posts, from Kendal.


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