Monday, 11 June 2012

The adventure continues...the girls get involved.

Bobby continued with his adventure yesterday afternoon figuring it would be better to go via the fields and stay of the main roads.  He knew the fields near by led to the M25 and was fairly certain that he had to go a certain distance on is journey via the M25.  Surely it would be much further cutting through fields, after all the roads have to go round the fields so must be longer!

He stops and gets of his trike to see if he can see the motorway

Oh yes, there it is in the distance, he can see an Eddie Stobart truck go by in the distance.  

"Phew, I must be going in the right direction" He thinks to himself.  "I remember seeing those trucks while we were down there...I think..."

He takes one last look before deciding he WAS on the right track and hops back on his bike to continue his journey.

"Suzi is going to be sooo pleased to see me"  he says to himself as he pedals off. 

Singing to himself, he just can't help the big grin that is appearing on his face.

An innocent face?  Or one full of mission and mischief?

In the meantime Henry has been having serious discussions with Harry and Simon.

"What shall we do?  Henry keeps asking them, while they mumble about not really knowing what to do.

"Not only that"  Henry exclaims, arms waving around anxiously.  "I got a message from Oliver last night"  (Oliver is one of his best friends who went to live with Laura in Devon and is his train enthusiast buddy)  "This is what it said"

Hi Henry just saw this on the BBC South news website just now.

Blonde haired boy, on red trike, looking somewhat lost and upset, but perhaps due to a misunderstanding now helping police with their enquiries. By way of defence, says he is on his way to see his girlfriend, Suzi. Answers to the name of Bobby, and swears he knows nothing about the guinea pig and how it came to be in his rucksack, nor why his cap contained so much money . Weraring blue cap (now full of change) , red shorts and green t-shirt. If anyone please recognises this description can they please call Crimestoppers on 03320 112233445566 and then you can have your guinea pig back.
The police did say they have never seen such high guinea pig somersaults before but netherthe less begging is a serious offfence- especially by one so young.
"Britains Got Talent" say they are interested in auditioning Bobby and his guinea pig once the mis-uinderstanding is cleared up.

Is Bobby with you right now? Thought someone ought to know,

Oliver x 

"Oh my goodness" the boys shout "He is going to be famous!"

"He is going to be a 'celebrity'"  Harry exclaims

"Wow, cool"  Simon replies.

The girls come over to find out what all the excitement is about.

Henry relays the story to them.  "....and anyway Simon and Harry reckon that is cool, but I'm still worried" Henry concludes.

"So you should be" says Tilly Rose with her hand on her hip in a rather bossy and unamused way.  "You boys should know better than to go off like that and think it is fun"

Harry looks up at Tilly Rose rather startled, he hasn't heard her being so strict sounding before.
"I don't think it is fun" Henry tells Tilly Rose.  "You should KNOW that!  I'm the one who has been worrying about what to do"

"Well we are clearly going to have to tell Mum"  Tilly Rose replies.  "I wonder which guinea pig he took with him...I'm sure it must be one of ours..."


  1. Bobby was very enterprising though naughty to go off on his own (with guinea pig) - I hope the kids decide to tell mum soon, so she can contact Crimestoppers. I hope he hasn't lost his tricycle - the crimestoppers message didn't mention it.

  2. Looks like Bobby has a better sense of direction than I have and very sensible to go through the fields than anywhere near the M25 which is which is notorious for it's accidents and long hold-ups! Looks to be a very bumpy and uneven track which must be making cycling so much harder.
    Pleased to see that Tily-Rose is agreeing with Henry that 'Mum' should be told. (Love the hand on the hip pose!) She certainly looks like a 'Miss Bossy-Boots' today when it's obviously needed as it looks as though things are getting further and further out of hand.
    Sasha love from Kendal...who is looking forward to the next or final episode.


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