Saturday, 2 June 2012

A wagon arrives.

The boys had been excited for days...they had been asking for a wagon 'because everyone else seems to have one' and whilst that is not a reason, they had been very good boys so Mum thought she would get them one as a special treat.

"Guess what?"  Henry asks.
"What?" Harry and Simon ask together.

"I saw a package arrive the other day...I wonder if it is for us?"  Henry replies.  "I saw Mum hide something away.

The wagon is bought out to them and the boys look at it a bit shocked.

"It's a bit big, don't you think"  Simon says.

"Do you think Mum measured wrong" Henry comments..."She did that with my first suitcase!"

"How are we going to pull it?" Harry asks staring at it.

"Well I can lift the handle, but that is about it" Henry demonstrates.

"If we can only get someone to pull it for us, it will probably be okay, don't worry Simon, it will probably turn out okay after all"  Henry reassures Simon while they have a think.

"Why don't we ask Bobby? Harry suggests.

"Oh yes that would be a super idea.  Might stop him moping over Suzi.  He does nothing but send her messages on the computer"  Henry tells them.  "Best not say anything to him about that though, or he may not help.  He is...let's say rather 'sensitive' about it".

The boys manage to convince Bobby to come out to look at the wagon.

"Please Bobby, play with us" They ask imploringly while looking at Bobby with their 'puppy dog eyes'.

"Well okay" Bobby says

"Three cheers for Bobby" The boys shout and cheer!

With the wagon loaded up Henry and Harry help push it to get it started.  Looks like little Alfie has hitched a ride as well.

Once they get it going the boys are able to let go

and walk alongside it.  Harry keeps a close eye on Alfie to make sure he doesn't fall out.

"Let's go over there" Bobby suggests.

They are all quite happy with that idea, Simon leads the way to their favourite play area.

Out come the tools.  Henry starts to saw a piece of wood while the others chat about what they might make.

"Careful Henry, you might need to use two hands if you are sawing some wood to steady it"  Harry suggests.

Harry walks over to Henry and suggests that he might see if he can cut the vine that is in the way with his pliers.  

"I don't think they are going to work on that"  Bobby observes.

Meanwhile no one has observed what Alfie is getting up to!

Suddenly Henry spots Alfie as he swings his leg over the side of the wagon and rushes over to him.

"Hang on a minute there Alfie, let me give you a hand" 

"There you go, that's made it a bit easier, hasn't it" Henry comments as he helps Alfie down out of the wagon.

Alfie sits down with the boys while they have a discussion about what to do next.  Alfie plays with some sticks while looking up at the boys.

"Why don't we pack everything up now and go back inside to watch a is getting a bit chilly out here and I think Mum will have dinner ready soon"  

"That sounds like a good idea...I can go back on the computer and see if Suzi is home yet"  Bobby murmurs to himself, hoping the others don't hear.

Simon helps Alfie back into the wagon.

"Steady on Alfie, you can't get out again yet, wait until we are inside"  Simon holds onto Alfie to keep him from scrambling out while Bobby is pulling the wagon.

"What shall we watch?"

"I don't know. Pirates of the Caribbean?"

"We always watch that.  How about Harry Potter"

"Um, I'm not sure I feel like watching HP"

The boys continue discussing what to watch... 

While Bobby wonders what Suzi has done today...


  1. That was nice of Bobby to pull the wagon and play with the lads. Looks like they all had a fun time

  2. Yes, there were two sizes of these wagons and it is difficult to tell from photos the exact size. Luckily when I bought mine I had some measurements to go by but the smaller version doesn't hold much and certainly not one or two of the Sasha babies so I guess that yours is much more useful. Nevertheless it looks like it has gone down a treat with your lads providing plenty of excitement and fun and there was plenty of help available for pushing and pulling it.
    My eldest brother was given one of these Radio Flyer Wagons from the US when he was about three or four He loved it.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Dear Bobby
    I hope you are well... I have been thinking about you a bit since you left ....well, actually quite alot if you must really know. It was so much fun when you were here I loved sharing your music and all those videos you showed me (does your Mum really let you watch AA films on your own? Wow! Wish mine did!) Here, I have to put up with Finding Nemo over and over again...just because its Liam's favourite.

    Oliver is fine by the way although his constant tram noises when I am trying to play my guitar can be annoying. - Mum got me a new electric one to replace the one "someone" threw on the floor when they had a tantrum (mentioning no names,Freddie....!)Ollie's quite sweet though and says hello. He's teamed up with Hannah, she's very kind and looks after him. Much nicer than some boys I could mention and girls for that matter and none of them like my music like you do....sigh....
    I like the new cart by the What horsepower is it? ANd a radio in it too! And it flies wow! Wish I had a cart like that. It would look even cooler with some Motorhead stickers on it mind you - want me to send you some?

    Anyhow keep in touch,

    yours Suzi xxx (but don't tell Henry I gave you those - he'll only laugh....)


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