Sunday 10 June 2012

Bobby sets off and leaves Henry and friends...

Bobby woke this morning with a plan in mind and seeing that the weather was finally good he set to putting his plan into motion.  He had been thinking about the message he got from Suzi the other day...

Hey Bobby 
Cool trike - Now you have wheels, you have no excuse to come back and see me again in Devon - wouldn't take long I reckon.... Missing you soooo...much

Suzi xxx

Well why not he thought?  'Have wheels...will travel'

Trouble is he hadn't thought about anyone seeing him...

"Hey Bobby, where are you going?"  Henry asks.

"Oh just for a short bike ride"  Bobby replies.

"But why have you got your back pack?"  Henry asks

"Um..." Bobby quickly thinks... "Just in case I need a drink and a sandwich"  

"Now out of my way Henry" Bobby says as he gets on his trike while Henry stands aside.

Henry stares after Bobby who resolutely rides off...

"Bye Bobby, see you later"  Henry waves.

Henry watches Bobby cycling down the garden path all the while wondering whether Mum knows that Bobby is going out of the garden...

Bobby looks very determined and doesn't dare look back.

"I hope he doesn't grass on me"  Bobby is thinking.  "After all it is not as though it is a big deal going to see Suzi, as she says, it can't be that far surely..."

Bobby sets off down the road, it is early in the morning so there is not many people up yet.  He figures he should arrive at Suzi's fairly soon...perhaps by mid morning.

Little does he realise it is over 200 miles away!

Henry watches Bobby cycle down the road with a worried expression on his face.

Bobby looks so little cycling down the road...and Mum had said they mustn't go out on their bikes without her knowing...

"What should I do" thinks Henry.  "I know I'll see what the other boys say"

"Bobby says he is going for a ride on his Trike this morning and won't be long, but he had his little back pack on"  Henry tells Simon and Harry.

"Perhaps he has just got sandwiches and a drink in his bag"  Harry suggests as that seems the most sensible explanation.

"Well, yes that is what he said"  Henry replies.  "But he had this funny look on his face"

"What sort of look?"  Simon asks.

"You know, the look he has on his face when he is up to something or thinking about Suzi"  Henry tells them.

"Oh THAT look" Harry and Simon chorus together giggling.

"Yes, THAT look"  Henry agrees.  "He went down that way" he points down the garden path.

The boys wander down the path to the street entrance to have a look.  

"He went down the road"  Henry says worrying..."Can you see him?"

"No, can you?"  Simon replies.

"No he is gone now...what should we do?"  Henry asks.

The boys stand there for a bit long watching down the road to see if they can see Bobby, but they can't.  They discuss whether to tell Mum or not or whether to leave it a bit longer to see if Bobby comes back.

I wonder what will happen next?


  1. Oh dear, What a very naughty Bobby then! Not to mention Suzi and her idea in the first place. 200 kilometres is a LONG way and with only a drink and sandwich in his backpack and NO mention of any cash or even a map or SatNav I don't think that he's even going to get to the end of the road, never mind the first town.
    I really feel for poor Henry, not quite knowing what to do for the best! He is such a good and well behaved little lad and always thinking of others.
    Can't wait for the next episode or instalment.
    Sasha love and thanks for this delightful post. From Kendal.

  2. Hi Henry just saw this on the BBC South news website just now.

    Blonde haired boy, on red trike, looking somewhat lost and upset, but perhaps due to a misunderstanding now helping police with their enquiries. By way of defence, says he is on his way to see his girlfriend, Suzi. Answers to the name of Bobby, and swears he knows nothing about the guinea pig and how it came to be in his rucksack, nor why his cap contained so much money . Weraring blue cap (now full of change) , red shorts and green t-shirt. If anyone please recognises this description can they please call Crimestoppers on 03320 112233445566 and then you can have your guinea pig back.
    The police did say they have never seen such high guinea pig somersaults before but netherthe less begging is a serious offfence- especially by one so young.
    "Britains Got Talent" say they are interested in auditioning Bobby and his guinea pig once the mis-uinderstanding is cleared up.

    Is Bobby with you right now? Thought someone ought to know,

    Oliver x


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