Thursday 28 June 2012

Sasha Festival Part One - Dress A Sasha Competition

Having only just arrived home from the Sasha Festival after an unexpected prolonged stay with my friend Sarah, I am only now starting to edit my photos to blog about the Festival.  I thought I would start off with the Dress A Sasha Competition as Henry was desperate to show everyone his outfit as he dressed up as Shakespeare's Henry V from the film interpretation by Kenneth Brannagh.  We enjoyed watching the film and later I went back through it taking notes and studying the costume and props. I made his whole outfit including his cart, longbows, arrows and flag.  The only two things I didn't make were the sword and his belt., although it was customized to fit Henry.    Henry's  boots, trousers, studded tunic were made with leather with the back laced by leather over which he wore the blue and red velvet tunic with the royal emblems with the studded leather collar which was also laced.

Shakespeare Entries - Costumes made by Entrant

Henry V

Laura's entry was Macbeth.  I loved his 'lit' fire and if you looked into the cauldron you would have found 'eye of newt' and other delights!

This was the winning entry by Carol Sluys.

More of Henry V - 3rd place.

Geraldine's entry came second - just love the armour and the horse - which my Henry was rather smitten with and over the moon about when he discovered the horse was coming home with us!  He is now deciding on a suitable name for his new steed.

Midsummer Night's Dream.

Shakespeare Entries - Not made by Entrant

Nursery Rhymes

Winning entry for Nursery Rhymes.

Sadly my favourite entry, which was Doll Mum's Ride a Cock Horse photograph didn't come out properly as someone walked in front of me as I took the photo, which I didn't realise at the time.  However it can be seen here.

Royal Family Entries:

I think everyone will agree that the entries were absolutely stunning.  It was just a shame that not everyone got a chance to vote and that the entries weren't all in one place.  Along the back wall would have displayed them a lot better.  There really wasn't enough time to really study them properly which was very disappointing, and unfortunately I didn't catch who the winners of the other groups were.


  1. What a great shame that I missed seeing and adding my vote for the above. Thoroughly enjoyed viewing them now though. Thanks for listing them.
    Congratulations to all the winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and an extra special one to my friend Henry (who bless his heart came especially to my room to show me himself dressed as Henry V....but hadn't seen his cart until now.)
    Feeling saddened now that I hadn't entered too as had planned for doing either a modern version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Little Jack Horner, Bye Baby Bunting, There was a little girl who had a little curl in the Nursery Rhyme category or Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge visiting the Olympic Stadium in her coral skinny jeans and grey hoodie (the latter Judith of Dollydoodle's suggestion for me) for the Royal Family section. Ah well TOO late now!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. What does Henry think of the name 'Stratford' for his new steed? Good strong sounding manly name.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. I think that is a very good name as after all he has a soft toy horse called 'Dallas' that Brenda M sent to him, so Stratford sounds just perfect! Will ask him tomorrow as he is tucked up in bed now ready for his adventure down in Southampton tomorrow :-)

  4. I thought Henry's outfit was great but he was up against some stiff competition. It was great to see all the effort that everyone had put into their entries.
    The standard was very high

  5. Thank you for your kind comments about my 'Ride a Cock Horse' entry. I loved your Henry's outfit, in fact I found it impossible to choose in your section because all the entries were outstanding. My photo of Henry was unfortunately taken just after he dropped his sword (and at that stage I wasn't brave enough to pick it up myself, so just told you instead).

  6. I don't think I could have chosen an entry. Al the entries look spectacular. I am of course smitten with Henry iin his costume. Hope Henry hasn't taken any tumbles off his steed.


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