Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Goings on...

A lovely day for relaxing in the garden.  Emily decides to relax in the garden swing chair and wonder how she can convince Mum to take her to the Sasha Festival.  'Now I wonder how I can get Mum to take me...she USUALLY takes me with Henry'  Emily is thinking to herself. 'I went to Germany and Southampton with Henry after all'.  What she doesn't think, is that perhaps it is someone else's turn to go...

In another part of the garden Sally and Amelia look like they are also deep in discussion

"What do you think Amelia, should I see if I can move the seat over to under the tree to where the swing chair is?"  Sally asks.  

Amelia seems to agree so Sally uses all her strength to move the chair.  I actually think the boys must have helped her in the end, but she is not admitting to it.

"There, that is better isn't it?"  Sally says to Amelia. "The sun isn't in our eyes now".

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  1. Great garden furniture featured here.
    Tell Emily that there are MANY dolls here feeling like her about not going to the festival. I was originally wanting to take ALL mine but couldn't think of where. apart from my bedroom, I could display the whole Sasha Brood altogether... until two days ago when I came up with an idea... BUT then it was just too late then for me to get them ready in time as due to our recent weather some are still in their Spring clothing. If only I had got my own things sorted out then it might just have been possible! (Why do I always leave everything to the last minute?) Serves me right for always putting off doing things until the next day. Must learn in future to keep to the motto 'Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today!'
    Looking forward to seeing you and Henry on Friday.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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