Wednesday 6 June 2012

Surprises for the boys

Henry was very surprised to get a package in the post today from the postman.  He couldn't wait to open it.  Nothing like a parcel addressed especially to yourself.

I wonder what is inside it he thinks.

He rips open the package in his enthusiasm and discovers...

"A Steam Train!  Yippee!"  He cheers.

Harry hears Henry cheering and comes over to have a look.

"Oh wow, it is just like the one we went on"  Harry says to Henry.

"Yes isn't it neat?  Henry replies.

"Who sent it?  Harry asks?

"It said on the back Madison"  Henry tells Harry.  "That is a friend of Mummy's.  She has her own blog as well which can be found here

"That was ever so nice of her wasn't it?

"Can I play as well Henry?"  Harry asks.

"Of course Harry, go and find the tram, and we can play with that as well"  Henry replies.

"Thank you so much for my steam train Madison"  

Meanwhile Bobby has been soaking in the glow of getting such a nice message from Suzi the other day and has decided he wants to show her his 'new trike'  or rather the family's new trike...

"Look Suzi, I can ride - isn't this such a cool trike?"

Bobby rides round on the patio area just as it starts to rain.

He heads back towards the door ready to come inside.

"So what do you think Suzi?  Aren't we lucky?  Make sure you thank your Mum for telling my Mum about the bike Suzi."


  1. Boys and their toys! No doubt they are going to have lots of fun!!

  2. Did the boys see the lovely steam train on the bridge at the river pageant? My boy's loved hearing it chug away tooting the Queen.

    Bobby's trike looks just right for him a good find.

  3. Hey Bobby
    Cool trike - Now you have wheels, you have no excuse to come back and see me again in Devon - wouldn't take long I reckon.... Missing you soooo...much

    Suzi xxx

  4. Great to receive surprise gifts through the post, especially when they remind you of happy times had.
    Nothing quite like the old steam trains. They still have that wonderful appeal to all ages.
    I'm sure that Henry will treasure this and enjoy hours of playing 'trains' complete with the sounds of the steam 'hissing' as it starts up, the 'chug-chugging' along the tracks with that special noise as it crosses over the 'points' and that famous 'toot-tooting' of the horn.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. I'm glad the boys like their steam train. I'll keep an eye out for any other little surprises they may like.

    Madison xxx


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