Saturday, 12 November 2011

More Autumn Swap Pictures

I realised today that I hadn't posted the photos of the items I sent to Rochelle for the Autumn Swap.  I was waiting for her to receive them and then I forgot all about it.  So here they are modelled by Sasha, who would have liked to keep them, but understood that sometimes it is nice to give to other people.

A Halloween fabric skirt and short sleeve shirt with 'Autumn Leaves' for buttons.

Matching trousers and a snug warm cardigan.

I loved the way this cardigan knitted is the only one I have made so far as seem to be struggling with my knitting since as my arm has been misbehaving, but hoping to get back to various projects on the go.

While we are on the subject of swaps, I hope everyone is making good progress with their Sasha Secret Santa Swap.  'Santa' has been busy here in the workshop and the gifts are nearly ready to be packaged up and sent on their way.


  1. Your swap outfit is very cute, I love the Autumn leaf buttons!
    I have been having a lot of fun working on the Secret Santa swap, it is surprising how fast the holidays are approaching!



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