Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dungaree Day

I made one more outfit yesterday afternoon after I had and an hour and  a half's kip...a pair of overalls for my pumpkin string Sasha, who I always think looks slightly sad, although I think these may have cheered her up.

Teamed with the pretty red blouse I made on Thursday just makes it I think.

She is almost smiling now.

The wind was blowing quite a bit yesterday and just as I tamed her fringe, the wind would catch hold of it again.

Perhaps she is sad as she still doesn't have a name...She is only one of two girls that doesn't have a name...although the other still currently has the name she 'arrived' with, so perhaps that is why this girl is so sad.  That and smelling suspiciously of cigarette smoke, despite having a couple of baths and spending lots of time outside in the fresh air.

Now for a question...I've been asked to make an outfit for one of the ladies at my quilting group, granddaughter's doll.  She has an Annabel.  Who can tell me anything about this doll?  Size, measurements, type of doll I haven't got a clue!

I've got my Saturday quilting group today...and will probably end up making some more dolls clothes as I haven't got the fabric for my quilts as the Quilt Fair is tomorrow...shame it couldn't have been the other way round.  I am hoping to get fabrics, notions and other necessary equipment and supplies tomorrow.  Must write a list so I don't forget anything!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. She looks beautiful in her gorgeous new dungarees and I agree the shirt is absolutely perfect with them.

  2. great dungarees, so much detailing. I love the red shirt too.

  3. Did you draft the blouse pattern? The fit is lovely, and the collar lays so flat. Your finishing details and the little extra details (pockets on the overalls for example) you add always look so perfect. Lovely

  4. You certainly have been very busy sewing! I love these little overalls on your as yet nameless girl. She certainly is a cutie, hopefully you can get her smell to air out. Did you make your own pattern for the overalls? They have a very nice fit!

  5. She is a lovely shy little girl..the outfit you made looks wonderful on her..
    Can't wait to find out what you call her....
    On the Annabel front..isn't she a Baby Doll..about 18inches tall ??

  6. I've got a good method to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke on a vinyl doll: get a washing tablet (the solid not powder kind) that you would use to wash your clothes and put it with her in a sealed plastic box, taking care not to have it touch her clothes or her (better to undress her). Leave her in the sealed box for a month and then see how the smell has been absorbed by the washing tablet and she smells fresh. Give it a try. I did it with my 3 Harry Potter dolls and it worked a treat.


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