Friday, 4 November 2011

Latest makes for the kids.

I am still waiting on fabric to continue work on my Space quilt so while at quilting group yesterday I made up some of the new patterns I have to see what they were like.  I am quite pleased with the result and will change one of two things here and there.

Not having my overlocker with me the seams are either finished with zigzag, enclosed in the lining or double hemmed...  Not easy to do with a circular skirt!  I think the style suits Mona May and fits well.

Next up is the pinafore...I have a few things I am going to change on this just to make it a little easier

Modelled by Emily, it is again a good fit.

Next I made another of the denim reversible A line pinafore dresses, similar to the one I made last week.  I already had the denim cut out, so thought I ought to get on with the sewing of it!

Of course Tilly Rose, much prefers dungarees, so I have promised her I will make her a new pair next!

The kindness of friends saw an  unexpected  thank you parcel in the post yesterday for both me and the Gregor lads.  Some lovely Cath Kidston smelly drawer liners for me and a wonderful pair of boots and socks for the boys.

Peter, my early blonde Fair Jeans lad (who has grey string to his legs) had first dibs at the boots!  He thinks they are pretty great!  (Peter is in the middle) Oliver will just have to in order for him not to be too disappointed he got to try on the dungarees I made this morning.

He too is an early lad and also has grey stringing to his legs.  His hair is pretty sparse to his fringe, but doesn't appear to be falling, so I am not sure if it was rooted like this, or if he has lost some over the course of the years.  He is a sweet little lad though.

Now not feeling the best today, thinking that if I got on with things I would be okay and then gorging on two slices of date oat cake, (which was really rather silly as I didn't make it for me, not being part of the foods I can eat),  and now feeling even worse, I think I am going to go and have a lie down!


  1. Lorraine hope you are feeling better when you read this.
    Lovely clothes you are making, nice material on that first dress.Do you make your own patterns?

  2. Take care of yourself...
    Fab clothes!

  3. Wonderful outfits, they all look great! It takes me so long to make even one outfit.

    Hope you're feeling better x


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