Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sewing on Sunday.

With the house clean and tidy, and the weekend washing done, I had a whole day to myself in my sewing studio, catching up with some projects I had on the go.

A little while ago one of the ladies from my quilting group asked if I would make an outfit for her antique doll.


Well I am pleased to say I am making progress.

She now has some underwear...

A pretty dress...

She is looking much happier now she is clothed.

Not sure whether I will make anything else or not. Will take her to quilting group on Thursday to see what my friend thinks.

Next up I offered to make some clothes for this doll here:


She really is a tiny wee thing.  I was sent a 'model' of similar size.

This is a proto-type outfit I made today.

I will also make some hats as 'Twinny' is bald, poor thing.

This wee girl looks quite happy with the new outfit.

Another of my friend's from Thursday Girl's Quilting Group asked if I would make a dress for her grand-daughter's baby Annabel.  

I don't have a model, but was kindly sent some patterns to make Annabel an outfit, so hopefully this pretty dress will fit.

The light is bad today, but it is a really pretty pink with touches of cream, white and blue.

Just need to make some matching pantaloons now.

Lastly another pretty dress to add to my Etsy Shop.

The fabric is 100% cotton, Morris Print and is quite striking on Cora.


  1. Lorraine you have been very busy!

    Lovely dresses especially the Annabel one.
    And you have done the housework too!

  2. I know, most unusual of me...the housework that is!

  3. You are such a clever clogs. Beautiful dresses, and, I bet the owner of the antique doll will be over the moon.

  4. The antique doll looks fab! You clever YOUNG thing you! (I daren't put old thing..I know it upsets you :) )

  5. Tee hee...just had a very similar conversation with my husband re age... ;-)

    I thought I'd would try combing the antique dolls hair...not a good idea, it more than comes out in handfuls...oops!


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