Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Oliver steps out.

It is very dark and gloomy today, a thick fog only clearing around mid morning, but still very grey and damp.   THis didn't stop the little scamp Oliver, escaping outside to play after I got him to put on a pair of tweed trousers I'd just made him from an upcycled fabric from a vintage skirt.  But shhh...don't tell him it was originally a skirt, you know how boys are about these things.

Now I better go and see what he is up to.

What are you doing on the trellis Oliver?

Oh just hanging around, he replies and then nearly falls off with a fit of giggling.

It is then I realise he is out in his socks...poor boy doesn't have any shoes...well he didn't!

Oliver, I need you to come inside for a moment

Hang on a minute, I'm talking to froggy

Oliver has a new found friend, and is rather fond of him,

and the frog is very fond of Oliver, as can be seen in the photo.

Oliver, I really do need you to come inside now, something has arrived in the post I think you might like to see.

Oh wow, some shoes!  Can I have the green pair please?

Of course you can Oliver

Oliver is looking very happy with his new converse trainers and so much better than wandering around in his bare feet, or socks at this time of year.

Say thank you to Amey, Oliver, for the wonderful surprise package she sent us.

Thank you so very much Amey, the shoes are wonderful ESPECIALLY MY new pair of trainers!

Thank you indeed Amey for a super surprise today that has brightened up our otherwise dull and dreary day.

These shoes are made for walking and that is just what I'm going to do,

See you later!


  1. Love Oliver outfit, looks nice and warm and will stay that way now he as some trainers.

    Great photos lorraine.

  2. Oliver looks extremely smart...he has such a cute face :)


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