Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The gorgeous Serena

I had a lovely afternoon in the sewing studio today.  It has been a beautiful day, although jolly chilly and I've got to go out teaching soon - I just teach one lovely little girl the recorder.  I miss teaching a lot and really enjoy this lesson, although suffer for it afterwards.  It is going to be a cold walk - she lives about a mile away.

Modelled by my lovely Serena who I believe is from 69/70 Blue Cord Sasha.

I think she really does have a gentle and serene look about her.

I think this dress is lovely for winter, both its length and style.  I've added lace to the bottom and crochet edging to the neck line.  Could it be considered a studio style dress I wonder?


  1. Serena looks lovely ..that blue really brings out the colour of her eyes

  2. Lovely dress Lorraine. I would say it could be called studio style dress.
    Looks lovely on your Blonde girl Serena and just right for the winter.

  3. she utterly suits this dress - you can tell she is the sort of little girl who won't mess her clothes on purpose.


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