Sunday, 13 November 2011

On my needles

A jumper for one of the boys...just which one is undecided.

I also have another jumper partially finished on another set of needles...I know finish one thing before starting another, but you know how it is...

This poem just about sums it all up.

"A bit of a yarn with Linda..."

I heard some lovely news today 
a friend of mine across the way
tells be that she's having twins.
I must get out those knitting pins!
I'll start off with a bootie
but I'll have to make it four
and if they turn out really well
I'll maybe knit some more
but before I start the project
I'll have to go and look
in the spare room cupboard
for my bootie pattern book.
I opened up the cupboard,
what a sight there met my eyes
bits and bobs of knitting
of every shape and size,
held aloft a needle
oh my, what a laugh
three feet six of coloured stripes
it was going to e a scarf
Over in the corner
what is that I see
I started knitting that for Deb's 
and now she's thirty three!
It was pink and fluffy mohair
for keeping warm at school
I know why that got put aside
she said it wasn't coll!
Another project put aside
not seeing light of day
surely it can't be just me
whose knitting ends this way?
I pull out other pieces
hats, half knitted socks,
a teddy, jersey, cuddly toy 
and several barbie frocks!
Then amidst this woolly chaos
a thought pops in my head
when it comes to sewing-up
that's the part I dread.
Yet when my project's finished
my knitting's a success
I promise that from here on in
I'll do my very best
to finish all I started
though I've said all that before
so perhaps I'll push it all back in
and shut the cupboard door!

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  1. Sounds just like my cupboard!! ;-) Sometimes you just what to see what the new wool is going to look like and cannot wait until you have finished the one you are working on and then you may be knitting one that you are not sure you like the colour/fit/look so that gets left on stitch holder and then it goes worse was knitting the back of a cable sweater for my husband then leaving it because I thought I might not have enough wool.....
    Great poem and keep knitting


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