Monday, 26 September 2011

Nearing last posting date for Autumn Swap

Friday is last day for posting your Autumn/Winter Sasha Swap parcels. How is everyone getting on? If/when you receive your parcels if you would like to do a post about what you sent and received please send me the link so I can also do a post. Alternatively, for those without a blog, please send me some pictures and I will do a post for you on here. I'm sure we would all like to be able to share pictures of what we sent and received.

I'm afraid I have to admit to doing some procrastinating...and as some of you know I've been away for a week in Germany, so am on last minute panic mode! Especially as I have got one of those really busy weeks with not enough hours in the day. I have an all day appointment at a hospital in London on Wednesday for various scans and tests, so won't be able to get anything done then either.

However, I am glad I put it off to some extent as I was given a lovely bundle of fabric by my friend in Germany and have put some of it to good use in making some outfits for the swap. Two things made, two more things cut out ready to sew up.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone who has taken part.

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