Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Visiting friends.

Henry and Emily are all buckled in ready for their trip to Cambridge today.

We had lunch with friends and I gave Chris the Jelly Roll Quilt I'd made for her.

Emily was impressed to see these old Singer frames used for the tables.

Henry of course was much more taken by the signs around the pub.

They wanted to stop and climb these wonderful sculptures in someone's front garden, but I didn't think it was really appropriate and we couldn't stop!

Henry is off to Germany tomorrow and possibly Emily as well, we are currently still in discussion over who is coming.

Now if Tate and Henry had been on the ball, they would have organised their adventure abroad together! Still I am sure they will get an opportunity to get up to mischief another time.

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  1. You have got to take Emily! She and Henry look so good together! And don't forget lots of pictures so I can show Tate....:) Wishing you a safe journey and a wonderful time xx


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