Saturday, 10 September 2011

Introducing the boys.

Time for the boys... as introduced by Henry, my 1972 lad. Henry used to live with Steve, but luckily for me needed to move to a new home. He is Tilly Rose's best friend and is often seen by her side.

First up we have three of his brunette friends and as you can see them are all different.

From left to right: the little lad with the 'chopter' jumper is Oliver, because he was a little orphan with none of his original clothes. I think he is probably from 1971 having tan elastic in his legs.

The one in the middle is George, who used to live with Patty, The Sasha Wardrobe and he has been on many adventures from what I have read! He is a 74 -78 Gregor Dark Sport and is very sporty minded as such.

Gregor is on the right and he was my first Gregor lad and came with Sasha, who was my first Sasha girl (hence why both retained their original names) I think he is probably around the mid 70s as well.

Next we have the blonde lads.

From left to right we have Simon in his Mushroom Suit and I am guessing he is from the mid 70s. If you look closely you can see that his lashes have been painted over. In the middle is Thomas in his jumpsuit and on the right is sweet little Peter who is an early 70s lad.

I do have rather a soft spot for the boys. :-)

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  1. Lovely pictures of the boys....I like your early 70's boy Peter he has a really cute face...I could take him home :)


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