Friday, 30 September 2011

A trip into London

I'm on the waiting list for the waiting list for the waiting list for the Pain Management Clinic, Queens Square Hospital, London.  This being despite my doctor phoning them while I was in his surgery way back when...and telling them that I have been suffering from constant pain since the beginning of 2009.  Good ol' National Health System?!

Fortunately I have medical insurance which I carried over with me from New Zealand, so we resorted to using this as enough is enough.

So into London Henry came with me on Wednesday...

I think he thought he was going on a grand adventure...

We did manage to spend an hour in a lovely park near the hospital, but the playground was packed with children visiting from a local school - oh the cheek of it!

Henry is wearing his lovely cricket vest sent by Erica from New Zealand.

Instead the day was spent in big noisy machines...Xray, MRI and SPECT CT Scanner.  Not a lot of fun for a lad all set for adventures...I don't think he will be planning on coming on any more hospital visits with me!

Just got to wait until 14th October for the results now to see if they show anything.


  1. Hello,
    Good luck with the results and that you will get sorted out,pain is terrible when you live with it constantly,take another of your lovely sasha family with you next time,one that has dreams of being a nurse !!
    Chris xx

  2. I had better not show Tate this post..he hasn't been on the underground yet...I haven't shown him the pictures of Henry and Emily on the plane either :)

  3. Was hoping that it would be third time lucky to leave a comment....BUT this is now my FOURTH attempt.
    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you have been in constant pain now since 2009 and without any form of help from the NHS. Do hope that the private medical service can now ease the pain in some way.
    Please tell Henry that I used to live in a studio apartment in St. John's Wood Road (although many years ago now and not for that long) and was very disappointed to learn that he wasn't able to have a play in the park (after having gone with you to the hospital for comfort and support) because of those noisy and 'not-to-careful-of-little-Gregor-Dolls' school children.
    Sasha love and get well free from pain wishes.

  4. Hope the pain relief is sorted soon.
    Henry is very good travelling on the tube!and I like his outfit looks very grown up!


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